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Astrology, Akashic & Tarot was awarded recognition in 2021 and awarded a place in the top 10 Astrologers in Australia!

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Starseed Readings

A starseed reading is for those who follow the teachings of the late Dolores Cannon.

Natal Chart Astrology Reading

Understanding of your hidden self, what holds you back, your life purpose and how to harness the power of your potential, there is so much more to learn about yourself from astrology!

Karmic Astrology & Past Lives Reading

In addition to natal chart astrology, karmic astrology readings reveal which karmic lessons need to be mastered to remove blockages from your life to progress on your souls journey.

Predictive Astrology & The Transiting Planets

While life is influenced by the celestial bodies in your chart, predictive astrology readings can help you make big decisions by understanding the timing of the celestial transits helping us learn how to overcome any obstacles and make decisions with confidence.

Soulmate Astrology Reading

A soulmate astrology reading can significantly help to understand what challenges, strengths and obstacles a couple are likely to have and to help them to unite on an even deeper soul level.

Asteroid AstrologyKnowing your hidden gifts

Because the celestial bodies have such an influence over us, Asteroid readings are beneficial for individuals who want to know exactly what their cosmic gifts are and truly know themselves on an even deeper level!

Clairvoyant Readings:

Akashic Records Reading

Even though the term ‘akashic records’ hasn’t been around for all that long, they have been known since the dawn of time!

Akashic readings will give you access to your own akashic records and help you pave the way for a life you want to create.

Furthermore, the akashic records hold the blueprint of your soul!

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and oracle readings will give you clairvoyant insight and guidance to understanding the past, present and the future. This usually covers a timeline of 0-12 months.

Additionally, tarot can be used for all of life’s challenges and decisions for quick, cut to the chase answers about love, life or career!

Angel Readings

Our angels who guide and protect us are available to be called upon to guide us in divine ways! Angel readings assist in connecting to your very own guardians and to hear their messages clearly!

Dream Interpretations

Dream interpretation readings can help you decipher hidden meanings and dream symbology as well as learn to understand how your intuition is speaking to you!

Energy Healing

An energy healing session will align your chakras and remove any blocks which are preventing you from manifesting your desires and will provide a deep healing in your life.

Spiritual Growth & Mentorship Program

My mentorship program is crafted to your unique and specific spiritual growth needs and varies from one individual to the next.

Considering the many paths we walk on our spiritual journey, a mentorship program can be catered for all areas of spiritual or personal growth.

From healing your inner wounds as well as your inner child, we will release any self-sabotaging beliefs that create blocks to abundance and freedom.


For more information on the gifts that I use throughout my readings, please follow this link.

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