Planetary Influences

I’ve had a few questions recently, such as, “what’s happening with the planets” as some of you are feeling out of sorts 🙋🏼‍♀️ so I’m going to try to help you understand how the current planets in, or entering retrograde will be felt (to some or a lesser degree).

This is normal to feel some of the effects, and how you feel depends on how the planets influence your overall chart 🪐

Some planets are benefic, and some malefic – the extent of their influence depends on your chart as a whole.

Currently speaking,

Retrograde periods are thought to be times of confusion, disorder, and backtracking. But they’re not all so bad. Think of it as a cosmic push toward your souls evolution.

Retrogrades turn our attention to the past and can actually be cosmic ‘grace periods’ when we can finish all the things we’ve started (or not finished), to strengthen our plans which ensures that we move forward on a solid foundation.

Here are the current retrogrades:

Pluto (April 27 to October 6)
In astrology, the dwarf planet rules secrets, sex, shame, and the things we’d rather brush aside or obscure. It only backspins once a year, but this movement lasts for six months, making the effect of Pluto retrogrades more subtle.

Pluto retrogrades are the ideal time to explore the parts of yourself that you often conceal through shadow work. This is a time to delve into old fears, limiting beliefs, and entrenched unconscious patterns. Be careful not to project your own unconscious baggage onto others as a form of unconscious escape.

Saturn (May 23 to October 10)
Saturn is the planet of order, wisdom, and rulemaking. Known as the “cautious auditor” of the zodiac, the force that reminds us to look before we leap.

As Saturn moves backward in the sky until October, we’ll need to be extra cautious not to forget its lessons. Whilethe weather becomes nicer, it can be a time of play and adventure, don’t let self-discipline fall totally by the wayside.

Jupiter (June 20 to October 18)
While Saturn holds us back, Jupiter springs us forward. It’s the planet that encourages us to take risks and let our hearts lead the way as we work toward our goals.

When Jupiter is in its months-long retrograde, it can be a good time to pick up old projects that used to excite us. Whether it’s creating art for fun or playing an instrument that we’re “bad” at, make this a time to return to something that used to excite you, without feeling the need to make it productive.

Neptune (June 25–December 1)
The latest planet to go retrograde, Neptune is now backspinning in its home sign of Pisces. Neptune rules all things spiritual and esoteric that lie below the surface.

Neptune retrograde is a time when secrets can be revealed, and is recommended to use it to “dive into your subconscious, do healing work and therapy, explore and question your spiritual beliefs. Meditate to get more in tune with your intuition. Watch out for denial and codependent relationships. Cut the energy vampires out of your life.

Chiron (July 15 – December 19)
Chiron, a comet that sits between Saturn and Uranus and is known as the wounded healer. Chiron’s effect moves from external to internal during its backward turn. This means instead of dealing with your wound through outward, everyday concrete moments in life, you’ll be reflecting on them and doing some potentially challenging but rewarding inner work.

Chiron retrograde can be a valuable moment for paying attention to your dreams, journaling, or addressing past trauma and doing that shadow work you may have been putting off.

Some dates to consider for Chiron retrograde:

October 3: The sun in Libra opposes Chiron, stirring you to reflect on how you’re dealing with old wounds.

October 20: The full moon in Aries falls in the same sign as Chiron’s retrograde, amplifying sensitivity and the intensity of your healing process.

Astrology Reading

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