Twin Flames

I’ve written this blog to help others to understand what a twin flame is and the role of a twin flame is in your current incarnation. Many people have heard the concept of twin flames but don’t actually know what a twin flame relationship is and how it helps guide us back to our deepest and innermost parts. There can be no light without darkness and even light casts a shadow.

A twin flame is a mirror soul and an incredibly deep and intense soul connection. A more appropriate description of a twin flame is a “mirror soul” or a person’s “other half.” A twin flame is your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings.

The terms “twin flame” and “soul mate” are often confused and are used interchangeably, however, a twin flame goes beyond what we think of when we are thinking of soul mates. A twin flame relationship is intense, and unlike any other relationship you’ll probably be in. Twin flames are here for a very specific reason in your life.

When a soul is created, it is split into two parts, mirrors of each other if you will, constantly yearning to reconnect back to its other half. At its very core, a twin flame love is all about spiritual growth and enlightenment, and its purpose is to shake up and awaken your soul! The purpose of discovering your twin flame is to accelerate your growth, to release your deepest wounds, to remove blockages, and finally to lead you to truest and deepest self-love.

Twin flame relationships can be incredibly challenging and difficult because they shine a light on your insecurities and your inner and most deepest fears which is needed for that accelerated spiritual growth to happen, and this can be extremely difficult for one to face.

Twin flame relationships will present a mirror to the other hidden parts of you. This includes and is not limited to, the parts of yourself that you don’t want to deal with, all of the doubts you have deep within about yourself, the inadequacy that you see in yourself, and the very essence of the things that deeply trouble us will all come up in their presence. Twin flame relationships can be incredibly tumultuous, although they should never be confused with toxic relationships and abusive relationships.

Twin flame relationships aren’t necessarily romantic in nature either. Twin flame relationships can just as easily be found between platonic friends and mentor/mentee twin flames are not uncommon although are rarer. The human mind wants to romanticise relationships, particularly where the twin flame connection is intense, and we want them to be similar to others where everything works out. But twin flame relationships are difficult by design. In truth, this relationship is cosmically designed to test and develop the deepest understanding of your deepest self.

Since a twin flame is actually your soul shared across two physical forms, it differs from other relationships because it’s a type of connection and journey that cannot be shared with anyone else on earth at that level of intensity, each human being only has one twin flame. While soul mates can be and are great romantic partners, that relationship doesn’t gravitate to the heights, the depths or the intensity of a twin flame relationship.

Twin flame relationships don’t always work out forever either though which is another misconception. People often think that we meet our twin and live happily ever after. This belief couldn’t be more wrong and is very damaging to our entire spiritual growth process. Those with this distorted belief will often endlessly search for their twin in multiple relationships, failing to recognise the awakening opportunity that has almost entirely been missed.

Oftentimes, the twin will enter our life to teach us what is needed, at whatever intensity is required and most certainly at all costs to shake you and break you open, exposing all those wounds and parts of you that are needing to rise and bubble to the surface so that we can truly and finally awaken our soul to its very essence at its core.

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