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Life is full on uncertainties and each of us have our own unique style in how we deal with them. Sometimes life events that catch us unawares can be incredibly frightening too. For instance, the few days or weeks before making a big life changing decision can be extremely intimidating. When your love life is falling apart, you may need a little extra guidance and insight to help you deal with your curiosities and uncertainties.

Tarot cards have been around and used from at least the 15th century from various parts of Europe and have been used as a form of divination by many over the years.

Tarot can be used in astrology as well which not many people are aware of. In fact, each tarot card corresponds to a different planet, sign, or elemental combination in astrology, and there’s also a tarot card for each zodiac sign too. Tarot and astrology are similar in that both systems can be used to gain deep insight into yourself, your life, those around you as well as your future.

Like a common deck of playing cards, tarot has four suits and each suit has 14 cards known as the minor arcana. In addition, the tarot has a separate 21 card trump suit (known by readers as greater secrets), including a single card known as the fool. This 22 card section of the tarot deck is known as the major arcana and can be incredibly useful when using tarot for divinatory purposes.

For most people, tarot readings have proven to help and to provide clarity and understanding when presented with a crossroads in life. Tarot card readings involve a psychic who can channel the messages that will help you gain clearer insight of past, present, and future events in your life.

You may present a number of questions in order to gain insight in those particular areas and focus on them. This is totally fine and is a quick way to get the insight you’re after.

Some of the areas that a tarot spread can reveal to the inquirer are as follows:

• Provide clarification

• Give direction

• Provide insight

• Answer specific questions you may have in relation to specific areas

• Give you a new perspective on a current situation

• Give yes or no answers

• Reveal what is happening behind the scenes

• Can give you hope and peace of mind

• Tells you what you need to consider in your life right now

• Highlight opportunities,

• Validate past and future choices

• Emotional dross you need to clear

• Any karmic lessons that you need to be aware of

• Reveal insight into current and future relationships

• Show you what you need to be aware of.

Tarot is excellent and well known for giving guidance and answers on the truth of matters – with no nonsense answers! The Tarot cards won’t hide or sugarcoat any answers to the questions that you have and will illuminate the path in which you should be taking.


Some people genuinely love to immerse themselves in the mystical realms, allowing the Universe to guide them by connecting with its infinite energy! Although they do reveal our true reality, they offer a chance to control and direct the narrative of our lives. An oracle reading for inspiration or insight into a situation or area of your life can be very helpful and informative. In an oracle reading, I can give you divination for up to 12 months ahead of time which is very intuitive and insightful for you to plan your path ahead. These readings provide extra insight into your life so you can feel inspired to take control and create the life you truly want. Some questions you can ask in an oracle reading:

• What am I not seeing about my situation right now?

• Is this relationship right for me?

• What is keeping me from moving forward?

• How am I getting in the way of my own destiny?

• What do I need to I focus on to get the result I want?

• What is my lesson in this situation?

• What needs to be cleared for me to move forward?

One of the greatest outcomes you can expect from an oracle and tarot card reading is that you’ll feel more connected to your authentic energy. You’ll most likely come out of the reading with a profound view of your past, present, and future, and how it has all shaped your life. One of the main benefits of this type of reading is that you’ll be able to decide who you want to become by reclaiming your energy, rather than having your experiences shape you. 

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