Asteroid (Goddess) Astrology

What are asteroids in astrology and how can they illuminate your astrology chart? Do they hold any significance in understanding ourselves better? Asteroids have threatened our civilization for centuries as they orbit around the earth in outer space. But do you know that they are very useful in gaining a deeper insight into your natal astrology chart?

You’re likely familiar with the major planets in a natal astrology chart, however, asteroids are additional celestial bodies that should be considered when looking at your birth chart to delve even deeper into your life purpose, your spiritual growth, your spiritual gifts and your spiritual abilities.

There are thousands of asteroids in the asteroid belt which orbits between Mars and Jupiter, and the correlation of the asteroids are even more specific than planets which can give us a deeper look at our own astrological and inner reflections.

Some astrologers (myself included) are of the opinion and belief that the celestial bodies (asteroids) are thought to be representative of the more “feminine” parts of an individuals psyche. The discovery of the asteroids, otherwise known as “goddesses”, can be linked to humanity being ready to explore the many different shades and sacred dimensions of true feminine energies.

Most of the major planets are named after masculine gods or figures, which in turn, sets the asteroids apart from the older norms of astrology and brings a much needed balance to the zodiac’s masculine energies. It’s important to note, that planets, zodiac signs, and celestial bodies have no assigned gender, regardless of the deities or symbols that they are named after, and the concepts in which they represent in astrology apply to every single individual, no matter what their given or chosen gender expression may be.

Not all astrologers use asteroids in their practice, however it is becoming more common as the symbolism of asteroids can add a fresh and deeper, feminine perspective to an individuals natal chart, as well as a greater depth to knowing how to work with them. With the asteroids being considered, you will understand the more nurturing side to your personality in order to have a balance of the feminine and masculine.

This can be beneficial for those who are seeking to broaden their understanding of their inner, more nurturing selves. Knowing your nurturing qualities and strengths can assist yourself and others in many areas of life, and be fully integrated into your spiritual exploration.

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