Cosmic Connections… How to recognize a Cosmic Relationship!

What are Cosmic Connections?

Everything in the universe is interconnected, delicately placed for a prime purpose. There really is no such thing as a chance meeting or crossing of paths with someone. The people in your life are not there by accident and can be attributed to a cosmic intervention.

The universe is a complex and interconnected web. Everything that happens has an affect on everything else. While this can be daunting for some to fathom, it can also be incredibly inspiring. It means that everything in our lives is a result of Cosmic Connections (pun intended).

Your existence here on the the 3rd dimensional planet earth may not be your only experience of life. Many folks from different beliefs believe that we have many lives and that, between those lives, we are bound in spirit on another realm until our next incarnation. We each existed before you were born and will continue to do so after you die.

While we are in between incarnations, we get to make choices about our next life such as the lessons we want to learn, the people we will meet, the relationships we will form and so on. Our souls chooses what experiences we wish to have and with whom and what purpose we desire to achieve. We choose the things that help us to grow spiritually and reach our soul evolution. And we choose the Cosmic Connections that will assist us in doing so.

Cosmic Connections are the people who come into our lives to help us develop further and that help us to grow. These people are vital to our spiritual progression and the achievement of evolutionary enlightenment. They may come into our lives for a passing moment or for a lifetime. Either way, they can change the course of our lives forever which is exactly why we had chosen them and they are predestined.

Our Cosmic Connections may not be humans that are particularly full of love and light! Quite often than not, we will learn as much as possible from the difficult people in our lives as we do from the ones who are a cosmic blessing. Those whom we are cosmically connected to come into our lives to help us look at things in a new way, to heal our pain and to change the direction of our life.

Recognizing a person in your life who is a Cosmic Connection is no easy task, however, there are some tips below that will point out whether your Cosmic Connection is a cosmic force to be reckoned with or one who will help you grow and to learn.

To shake things up in life…

Cosmic Connections will often disrupt our lives. These people come in and force us to look at the way we are living and decide whether this is the way we wish to carry on or not.

They may awaken us to the injustices that are occurring in our lives or around us, remind us of our true and deeper inner values, encourage us to follow our dreams and nudge us in the right direction or, to simply remind us to appreciate the wonder of being alive and the mysteries in life.

To heal us…

Our Cosmic Connections will often provide a deep and inner healing to the core of our souls and to help us to overcome the pain and trauma of our past.

These people are here to remind us that all that we have experienced or been subjected to is a part of our spiritual journey, and the blueprint to our soul. They can significantly help us to move forward with our lives, striving for the straight paths instead of remaining stuck in pain and torment.

To inspire us…

When a person is presented in our life who is living a life that we are dreaming of, they will inspire us to change. They can remind us that our dreams are also possible and help us get out of our funk.

When these Cosmic Connections appear in our lives, we can gain an immense sense of personal power and accountability from spending time with these people. These are the people who believe that anything is possible in life and they take the necessary risks and opportunities to achieve their goals.

To remind us of our life’s purpose…

When we meet someone where there is an instant Cosmic Connection, it feels like we have known them for a lifetime, and there’s just something about them that reminds us of who we truly are! There’s a deep soul connection that is undeniable and their presence makes us feel alive.

It’s as if there’s an instant connection and we suddenly remember our connection to the divine and to our soul purpose.

Through our early years in life, our parents, our peers, and society in general, have expectations of us that represses our true inner nature. As a result of this, we can go forget who we truly are and forget our life’s purpose.

We learn to make decisions based on what others think, want and feel, rather than what our soul is calling us to do. Our Cosmic Connections can help remind us of our true soul calling and our spiritual purpose in this incarnation.

To cause us pain…

This is the toughest of all Cosmic Connections and really, deeply impacts us in profound ways. Cosmic Connections do not necessarily make life easy for us. When they come into our lives, they challenge us in impactful ways and force us to look deeply into ourselves.

This is often a very painful process that we must go through. These types of Cosmic Connections can cause a lot of inner and external conflicts, and often, are the reasons that we start our own awakening.

The human mind is conditioned to stay in its comfort zone and live lives that aren’t challenging or truly satisfying either. We don’t always have the strength or courage to face the truth of ourselves and become who we are predestined to be.

Our Cosmic Connections can drive us right out of our comfort zone and into the abyss of the unknown. They sometimes do this subtly or gently, or they may be harsh and cruel about it. The fact of the matter is, that sometimes kind words are not enough to steer us into the direction we should be traveling and so the hardest of lessons will be initiated to truly awaken our soul.

Sometimes we need a bit of a nudge to help us change our path and lead us into our calling. Difficult and tumultuous relationships in our lives can sometimes be exactly what we need to provide this impetus for change more so than more gentle ones.

This is not to say we should actively seek difficult or damaging relationships. This is simply to remind us, when all else fails, that we can learn, grow and evolve from the pain that we have experienced.

Closing thoughts…

How often do you evaluate the relationships in your life? Do you often wonder if the love and friendship that you give is also the love and friendship that is returned? Are your Cosmic Connections trying to teach you some valuable lessons to help steer you on your true soul calling?

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