Karma… We all think about it and refer to karma as some punishment that we will get for being “good” or “bad. This is in part because of the social conditioning we have endured throughout our life with social norms and expectations. We associate bad things happening to bad people but in essence, sometimes, “good” things happen to “bad” people.

There is not much difference between “paying karma” and “clearing karma”. It’s not something we can amend by choice or free will. If we have a debt to pay, it will be paid regardless of our good intentions. This is because karma is accumulated through other incarnations where we may have wronged someone along the way.

Clearing karma refers to a collection of the same karma creating events, like hurting or cursing others for example (whether intentional or not), and will be cleared in a minor way that you barely notice, maybe you’ll suffer a minor burn for instance.

Some examples of having a karmic debt to pay are, for instance, say you use a force of manipulation to get what you want which disrupts the harmony of another persons journey, or you steal, or you simply know that something is wrong to do but you continue to do it anyway. There will be a price to pay, one way or another. This is why I try to strongly encourage those closest to me to always give more than they take and check their intentions.

Paying karma is usually a bigger event, both in creation and payment. An example of payment could be a fall that causes pain and injury. Acknowledge your wrongs and preventative measures are always best practice by being self-aware, and going with the flow of things that are good and right. Not from our 3rd dimensional persecutions but from those of a higher consciousness. it may help to clear the dross around karma and so a lot of the clearing may be minor, and the payment is minimized or “spread out”. Unless the Lords of Karma deem otherwise!

When we talk about wanting to help others out of their karma, that isn’t your jurisdiction, though your heart and intention is in the right place. It’s wise to look at the bigger picture of things behind the veil of illusion and to see the complex interconnections that exist between people and the spiritual realms.

You have probably had about 50,000 lives, maybe more or maybe less. In those past lives, you have been killed by others many times before, and you have likely committed similar crimes against others too. In past lives, many people have hurt you with ill intentions, and you have also likely hurt them with the same intention regardless of the weapon or method used. There is never just one event, there is usually a balance between giving and taking. So, do not think one glimpse into the past is a confined event, it is part of a much much bigger picture.

Your task is not to determine how to pay your karma. The Lords of Karma take care of the payment process and how it unfolds for everyone. This is a huge tapestry of interconnected threads, and those that govern and maintain karmic balance amongst humanity are in full control of outcomes.

Relax into knowing the judgement for your karma is out of your hands and it will naturally unfold through life. Do not be mistaken in thinking your good deeds negate your bad karma. Payment is still claimed regardless of our deeds. If the intentions were bad, there will be a payment required in some way, shape or form.

Your only task is to make sure you reduce your daily creation of karma – and you do that by working on positive thoughts, speech, intentions and actions. Over time, the positive outlook changes to love, and your thoughts, speech, intentions and actions then come from the sacred heart, from a place of pure and divine love. That is how the cycle of karma breaks, and this is how ascension occurs.

“Nothing happens by chance, you create your own fate with your intentions and your actions”.

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