What does ascension mean to you? The google definition of ascension is; the action of rising to an important position or a higher level and, the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.

Ascension in the spiritual context can be referred to as a spiritual awakening, and is a concurrent increase of expanding consciousness. As our consciousness expands, we ascend to higher levels of spiritual growth and evolution.

As a human being begins the awakening process, which can progress very quickly, or over a number of years, they shift into higher perceptions of consciousness. That may include an increased awareness of our energetic fields, perceiving multidimensional realities, sensing extradimensional entities and feeling a direct connection with Creator/Source. This almost always includes an increased awareness of the interconnected energy that exists between all living things.

Ascension can also be described as a change in the spectrum of frequencies in which we are radiating at much higher than before, creating an alignment and portal to the Creator/Source energy, connecting us to our blueprint DNA which helps us to assist others in the ascension process as well. When we radiate higher frequencies, we are attracting higher frequencies closer to us and we become a beacon of light to many.

Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another and since reality is in itself a dimension, what we are undertaking is a full dimensional shift from one dimension (3rd dimensional earth) to higher dimensions in consciousness, and to fully partake in this dimensional shift, we must realign our way of thinking and being to match our soul purpose and divine essence.

Ascension is a complex discussion which alters from faith to faith, however, across all faiths, it governs the movement of consciousness through time and space. Consciousness is energy and when our energy shifts, so does our consciousness. Time and space as we have known is changing, and planet earth is moving into a future timeline.

The shift of frequency that we are currently experiencing forces all of earths inhabitants to shift into the new frequencies and higher consciousness. As a result of the ascension process, all of the earths residents are being driven, whether aware or not, to shift and adapt to the imminent changes and raise their own levels of frequency.

To resist this shift will bring turmoil and discomfort, and we can see in the current times we are in, that there appears to be more people than ever before embracing this shift. People are uniting and the ascension cycle has already begun. More and more are coming in unity, wanting to know their galactic roots and their soul purpose while here on earth.

Some people will adapt to the higher levels of frequency and others may not. Unfortunately, this is completely up to the individual to accept and embrace the shift or to be left behind. The choice lies with us all individually as well as collectively, but it is each our own responsibility. We can choose to participate in the evolutionary process or not, all that is required is the is the focus in our heart with dedication and desire to know our true self.

Self awareness is critical in knowing our highest self, and if we do not know our highest self, we cannot know the highest expression of our truest nature. Self mastery is the pathway to expanding our consciousness and awakening to our deepest soul purpose. Facing our shadows and turning them into light helps to raise our frequencies and adapt to the change.

The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness!

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