Pluto Direct

Many people have been absolutely rocked by the dwarf sized planet – Pluto which packs quite a mighty punch!

Pluto – The God of the underworld is all about darkness, mystery, death, transformation and rebirth! Pluto asks us to look at our shadows, our negative beliefs, behaviours and our psychological wounds in order to tap into our inner power and strength.

Pluto transits are, in my opinion, the biggest transits of all. Partly because they last the longest of all of the transits. My astrological opinion is that Pluto transits continue to impact your life for a prolonged period of time.

Pluto aspects will impact you over the course of quite some time and can visit a natal house for 1-2 decades. This makes the Plutonian energy continual and you have to try to navigate and manage the intensity that it brings.

While Pluto is moving direct (when not in retrograde), Pluto’s forces can be felt externally in our surroundings. It can shed light on a range of topics such as bad break ups that welcome rebirth and transformation.

However, when Pluto is in retrograde, He will turn his attention inwards. Usually, He will force us to think about our inner power, areas of life that can be improved, parts of our life in which we might need to destroy, in order to rebuild!

Pluto Direct
Pluto retrograde
Astrology readings
Astrology reading

Conflicts in the workplace and in other relationships that are not longer serving our purpose will likely be exposed, and much the same for other situations alike.

Pluto works as a demolishing force that will blow up any dross, negativity and circumstances in which we are stuck, and rebuild from the ground up!

While all this might sound intimidating and intense (which it most certainly is) you can be guaranteed that it will lead to individuals re-emerging with incredible healing, transformation, rebirth and inner strength.

Of course, with any types of birthing, there are also birthing pangs! What we are building now will set the precedence for the next several years, so it’s imperative that we are focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want.

Pluto going direct is a fierce time when we are forced to confront the darkest parts of ourselves and of others. Now is the time to take action and set the wheels in motion.

The time for thinking has passed and now is the time to act!

Booking an astrology reading with Astrology, Akashic & Tarot online is a wonderful way to understand yourself better, know how to fulfil your life’s purpose and to discover the deepest soul wounds that are holding you back!

Step into your power and take control of your life!

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