Breaking Soul Contracts

I have been off the blogs for some time, but in light of recent world events and the current unfolding of a mass awakening, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss breaking soul contracts, ancestral agreements, energetic blocks and Karma.

The oppression that we are all facing has been debilitating for most. What a time to be alive! We are being challenged to stand or conform and so as I write this blog post, I write it with full hope and intention that it will provide you a guide to remaining grounded through these dark and challenging times.

Ending Soul contracts
Breaking soul contracts 

As we awaken spiritually and begin to see the world through new spiritual eyes, we quickly realize that following a spiritual path is not always easy.

When working on bettering ourselves, we often have to deal with emotional issues that we have buried deep inside that we have refused to deal with. The longer qe keep them buried, the harder they are to overcome

Often, we have obstacles stemming from previous lives and from contracts or agreements in which we have made before taking our physical embodiment on planet earth.

However, when these blockages or agreements no longer serve our growth and actually stand in the way of our advancement, the following exercises are tools that you can use to free yourself so that you can truly blossom in your spiritual journey.

Breaking soul contracts
Soul contract

Using the tools provided below can help you in the process to be better equipped to serve others and the planet, and help in raising the consciousness and vibration of all.

Exercise Number 1:

Begin by thinking of what you do not like about your body, your feelings, thoughts, life circumstances, friends, and family. 

Whatever you don’t like directs you to negative and oppressive energy that is stuck in your energy field. Notice it here because without doing this exercise, you would not have noticed the power it holds over you.

Once you Identify anything that is unwanted, dark, negative or oppressive, realize it was placed there for a reason to help you at some point. Most often, this has been due to our ego, our traumas or our fears. 

Ask yourself, is it still needed? If you know that it does not serve your highest purpose, release it by saying the following with feeling and conviction.

Say it several times if needed. I will use fear of not having enough money as an example below:

“I am the Master of my own creation. I acknowledge that I feel FEAR ABOUT NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY, and I acknowledge that it no longer serves my spiritual path and is not of my highest good. With the Power of My Highest Self, I release the energy of FEAR OF NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY back to the universe for the greatest good, to be transformed into the highest form of divine light in my life.”

Repeat the exercise for each blockage that no longer serves your path and is preventing you from receiving abundance. You will start to see changes in your life as these obstacles are being released from your energetic field.

Exercise Number 2:

The Next step is to release blame, to forgive others and to forgive yourself.  Start by thinking of people who have harmed you in some way, especially if you still hold any blame or anger towards them.

See them in your minds eye and state that you forgive them for what they have done to you.

Let them know that you now understand that they were simply fulfilling an agreement that you were not aware of, but that now you understand and that you love them for the experience. 

This process can be difficult for the Ego to understand, but it’s essential in releasing these blockages and their stronghold in your life. 

Work through the resistance and let the Ego know that you are forgiving and letting go of blame and anger for your own healing and growth. This step will ease any Ego resistance in which you may have.

After you have forgiven others, it’s important to forgive yourself for any self-judgments, shame, guilt, and negative acts or thoughts you have projected onto others.  

Realize the depths of your feelings and thoughts, and how your actions played a larger role at that time, but it’s time to let go and move on.  Finish this forgiveness exercise by saying the following:

“I forgive anyone who has harmed me in this and all other lifetimes anywhere and in any dimension. I forgive all debts and erase all karma. I choose true divine love and light for my self and for others.

You will know if you have truly forgiven and have let go if you feel gratitude for that person or experience. If you don’t feel gratitude, then repeat the process until you do. Sometimes forgiveness and letting go happens in layers.

Exercise Number 3:

The following powerful exercise releases any other blockages, soul contracts or ancestral agreements that still remain and that you wish to release.  Say the following with focused intent:

I know reject any and all vows that I accepted in order to experience for myself the illusion of unconsciousness and separation from source. As a light bearer of my genetic linage, I break these vows for myself and for my ancestors. I declare these vows are null and void in this incarnation and any others across time and space and other parallel realities.

Feel free to repeat these as necessary.  You should feel a release and clearing emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.  

Ask for your inner source to fill the voids left behind with love, joy, happiness, enlightenment and prosperity on all levels and believe that it is yours!

Give these exercises a try and let me know in the comments section about your progress 💜

Love and sunshine to all of you 💫

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