Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

The past two years have been complicated for us all with the corruption and totalitarian overreach occurring within our governments and leaders around the world.

There’s been much segregation that has occurred in society being split into two, with our vaccination status now being the new black and white!

The discrimination, the abuse of powers and the divide happening in society has made room for a new thought process. The great awakening!

Those collective souls who know intuitively that there’s more to this totalitarian control and rat race to world domination, than meets the eye. We have come together from across the globe and have made connections with our tribes!

Venus conjunct Pluto
Venus retrograde
The awa

In astrology, there is much influence happening right now cosmically that I will explain below, and so this blog I have written and dedicated for those of us who are losing hope, and losing faith!

If there’s one thing that I trust and rely on, it is the transits of the planets above which have an enormous energetic impact on ourselves and the world around us from relationships to governments!

This is not to be taken lightly, as there’s no more powerful force than that of our creator. Everything comes in full circle. Eventually… according to the divine will and plan for Gaia.

I hope this blog helps others to see that there is a natural process and order in which things must occur. It’s our human nature to want to fast track these things and skip the process, but I encourage you to try not to resist. Go with the flow no matter how painful it is, because this time is needed and the divine nature of the natural order of things is no mistake.

Use this time to go within, meditate on what is important to you, who has been there for you, who accepts you as the divine creature that you are.

Are the people around you helping you grow?

Are they supporting your values and morals?

Is there encouragement and opportunity to speak your truth?

Are you able to offer your innerstanding?

If you’ve answered no to these questions, it’s time to ask yourself what they bring to the table.

I recently ended a friendship after 23 years because I had been answering no to these questions for a very long time. I realised that this person brought nothing to the table and I had a choice of holding on to what no longer served me and standing up in my truth!

This is a time for transformation. Transforming our perspective, our views, or needs, our desires and most importantly, transforming our fear and using it to let go of what no longer serves us and make way for that which does!

Venus retrograde 
Venus conjunct Pluto
Venus Capricorn 
Pluto Capricorn
Astrology Venus Pluto

The planet Venus has begun to slow down in speed so much so, that she will appear to stand completely still. That is when she makes her station for her retrograde phase that will begin on December the 19th. Because she is moving so slowly right now, she’s going to be within a few degrees of Pluto for the whole month of December!

As for Pluto, he always moves slowly, as where Venus only moves this slowly when she stations, creating this rare opportunity for the two of them to be conjunct for an extended period of time, and that’s where things will get… complicated!

It is during this retrograde phase that we reevaluate the people and things that are most important to us, and with Pluto conjunct Venus, this month we are likely to be doing some serious triaging. This is when we decide that enough is enough, and we give ourselves permission to say NO!

However, it can also be a time where we are being asked to release, to let go of past regrets, and to finally move on. Pluto can be deep, but he can also offer us the tools that we need to heal our lives and to reinvent ourselves so much stronger and better than before!

Things to look for in the news over the next few weeks:

Scandals, betrayals, disloyalty, and corruption;

People in positions of power and wealth coming under scrutiny;

anything in the world of finance, the economy, investments and banks, gifts, bribes, taxes;

Alliances, partnerships, sex scandals, and the making and breaking of contracts!

This is the time where things will be brought to light. No matter how much you try to hide from it, there’s nothing that can stop the powerful energies that occur with the alignment of planets!

Stay true and focused, keep hydrated and be on guard. meditate frequently, raise your vibration and radiate light to those around you and yourself.

Hold the line during this time and be sure to discern fact from fiction.

Resist, and it will persist!

It’s time to let go and surrender to the universe and trust that everything is happening in perfect and divine order!


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