The Pluto return to the United States of America!

Greetings to all from Australia!

This is for my friends who reside in the United States of America as well as for others of us who love a rebirth prediction – the Pluto return USA 😅

The United States of America will have its first Pluto return to USA on 22 February 2022 marking an event that has been in the making for 248 years!

On 22 February 2022, Pluto will return to USA – the exact position it was in at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Pluto return
Declaration of Independence 

No human being will live to experience a Pluto return, unless of course they live to 248 long years of life 🥴

Astrologically speaking, Pluto symbolises upheaval, change, destruction and rebirth! This year on the 22nd of February 2022 (22/2/22), the United States of America will experience its Pluto return. From an astrologers point of view, this will mark an event that I suspect will signify a pretty major shift for the country. Even, a potential for war!

These astrological events are thought to bring intense rebirth and set the stage for the future of the American people. A Pluto return is usually karmic in nature 🤭

Pluto will move to 27° Capricorn on February 22, 2022. This is the exact degree and sign that Pluto was in during the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, as mentioned above, which many people consider the birth and founding of the United States of America!

The United States Pluto return is personal in nature due to the Declaration of Independence, and because, well, Pluto is known for shaking up the dynamics during its transit and pushing things to breakdown and reform.

My prediction is that this will bring restoration for the good of mankind and that Americans will live to experience some major changes and perhaps even a significant cosmic wake-up call!

Pluto, the planet of transformation actually entered into capricorn on November 27, 2008, however, it has taken this long for it to return to 27° degrees.

Capricorn signifies money, dominance, power, authority, and ambition. Pluto in Capricorn has allowed humanity to witness many ugly truths to appear on the surface, which has been a direct result in the downfall of big corporations and those who are in positions of power.

Society can resist transformation for so long before the planets push us to the divine foundations that bring us to the spiritual evolvement that we must endure… Collectively.

Pluto return USA
Pluto return
Pluto USA 
Protests USA
Anti-government protests in the USA

Pluto, representing creation and destruction, tears down things of this world that are no longer working to help us into ascension and as a result, it replaces the ways of thinking in which evolutionary views do not align with. It also, as mentioned earlier, represents renewal and rebirth, bringing with it a change in ideology that will better align with the current times.

We have seen over the course of the covid-19 pandemic that our calls for justice are loud and a global awareness of the injustices occurring around the world have escalated to a global level. Anti-lockdown, anti-masks and anti-vaccine protests have erupted in every capital of nearly every country!

People are demanding change and are protesting about the poor and corrupt leadership in their countries. This is largely because of the dictatorship that has occurred and has oppressed people in a way not seen since the days of Adolf Hitler!

Pluto return USA 
Pluto return USA
Pluto return USA

With this Pluto return and it’s marking of a new chapter for the United States of America, and of the world at large, my prediction is that this is a time in which the government potentially may undergo a massive cosmic makeover!

The paradigm has shifted – in societies collectively abroad, we can see the majorities of all sides are beginning to not only see but speak out against the many ways in which our governments worldwide have used to control and deceive us.

While the world is completely divided and unknowingly segregated at the hands of corrupt governments over digital vaccine passports and vaccination statuses, one thing we can agree on is that change is in the air and the thing that is certain is that no human being in any position of power can override the cosmic forces that are imminently approaching, crafted by the creator of all.

Nothing can stand in the way of God and the plans for society, for Gods plan is divinely crafted to bring us all to Christ Conciousness – the inner essence of our Christ nature.

Remember in these times where war wages that we are to remain humble, to love deeply and display humility, for as the saying goes – what goes around also comes around. Which side of history will you be on?

Peace and love to all ✌🏻

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