Juno Conjunct Moon in Synastry

Juno conjunct Moon in synastry is in my astrological opinion, an important conjunction when checking the compatibility in relationships between two people.

Juno, the asteroid is often overlooked in astrology as most astrologers will only use planets in interpreting the chart and think of asteroids as minor, however, I personally love working with both to further investigate the likelihood of a positive and successful union between two people.

In the case of Juno in a synastry chart, we need to first understand what Juno means in a combined chart and look at the qualities Juno brings to the aspects in a chart reading.

What is Juno in Astrology?

Juno is the asteroid of marriage and commitment. In Roman and Greek mythology, Juno was the wife of Jupiter (otherwise know as Zeus), and she was known for her endless loyalty to her husband. She also intervenes in the pairing of soulmates earthbound and her feminine touch is a result of every marriage that occurs.

Juno’s trust in Jupiter was endlessly compromised by his unfaithfulness to her and his inability to return her loyalty. As a result of his unfaithfulness, Juno will also have influence over your feelings of insecurity in relationships, what makes you jealous, what you consider deal breakers, and your feelings of inadequacy with your spouse.

Traditional astrology looks to Venus and Mars in relationships, but it is my opinion that Juno can further enhance your understanding of the romance and qualities that a partner will bring. To the relationship.

Juno helps us to define who our ideal soul mate is, someone who will bring great chemistry, adventure and loyalty. A Juno soulmate understands everything about you and has unwavering loyalty and appreciation for the constant change as you grow into your fuller, truer self.

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Juno Conjunct Moon in Synastry

The moon conjunct Juno aspect in a synastry chart shows that the Juno person is in perfect aligned with the emotions of the moon person.

This is a very favourable aspect in synastry because it has huge potential to evolve into a long term relationship because the Juno person completely understands the emotional needs of the moon person. Neither the Juno or the moon person will feel neglected in such a relationship. There’s a deep source of emotional support and encouragement here.

The Juno person feels deeply attracted and comfortable with the way the moon person expresses and shows their emotions. This aspect makes it easy for the them both to commit to one another on an emotional level in a way that compliments and supports the love in the relationship. The Juno person sees the moon person as their perfect life partner.

In summary, the moon conjunct Juno in synastry is an ideal aspect that supports commitment and loyalty to one another for the long haul. Juno feels right at home with the moon person because Juno seeks loyalty, love and commitment and the moon is all about emotional stability, love, femininity and how we relate to others.

Knowing where Juno sits in your chart can offer deep insight into your past, current and future relationships. As mentioned earlier in the blog, Juno aspects in a synastry chart can give us confirmation of a soul mate relationship.

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May the love and loyalty of Juno touch your life to enrich and bring you love and commitment.

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