Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings: DEATH, REBIRTH AND TRANSFORMATION!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not going to go into this forecast with the intention of being “love and light”. In all seriousness, trigger warnings are included and I write this with love and peace. It’s time to rise people – whether you’re ready or not 💫

A Full Moon is known as the completion of a 12-month emotional cycle, and dependent on what sign it is in, this can bring up a range of themes that will need to be completed before a newer cycle can begin.

But in the case of this upcoming lunar eclipse happening this week, this will bring a massive amount of change and transformation that will be felt beyond anything you have ever felt before.

Think back to the eclipses that happened in both Gemini & Sagittarius in 2021. Those brought a heavy balancing of the social mind (Gemini) & the philosophical, freedom-loving mind (Sagittarius). And if you are under the impression that this Taurus/Scorpio opposition is going to be anything but friendly, then I suggest that you stop right there and start getting real with yourself.

Dealing with a FIXED opposition of energy is cut throat (when the Moon is involved), and fixed anything leaves no room for comfort or any form of flexibility. It is what it is, and may the heavens above let it be what it be.

Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign out of the 12 and it is ruled by Mars/Pluto (with Lilith as a tertiary ruler), and Scorpio governs the 8th house themes of sex, intimacy, shared finances (loans, taxes, inheritances, debts), death/rebirth/transformation and the occult.

If anyone has ever gone through an 8th house transit, the seriousness and heaviness of its energy is something not to be underestimated under any circumstances. Considering that we had a Solar Eclipse in Taurus (yay!), balance has to be restored with the Lunar Eclipse, and this is set to be very intense indeed.

With the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio taking place in Taurus Season (with the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini & Taurus transit being recently activated), this will activate a ton of 2H/8H themes during the course of the next 48-72 hours, depending on where you are in the world.

With that said, the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio has brought in some special guests and I’d like to introduce them all one by one:

1) South Node in Scorpio
2) Pallas in Taurus
3) Uranus in Taurus
4) North Node in Taurus
5) Sun in Taurus

Here is a list of the placements and degrees according to

1) 15th May 2022: Full Moon in Scorpio (8 degrees); Full Moon trine Lilith in Cancer (by 5 degrees), trine Juno in Pisces (by 5 degrees), inconjunct Jupiter in Aries (by 8 degrees), inconjunct Venus-Chiron in Aries (by 6 degrees), opposite Pallas in Taurus (by 2 degrees) & Uranus in Taurus (by 7 degrees)

2) 16th May 2022: Full Moon in Scorpio (22 degrees); Full Moon conjunct South Node in Scorpio (by its exact degree), Full Moon sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn (by 6 degrees), Full Moon square Saturn in Aquarius (by 2 degrees), square Vesta in Aquarius (by 5 degrees), Full Moon trine Mars in Pisces (by a tight degree orb), trine Neptune in Pisces (by 2 degrees), opposite Uranus in Taurus (by 7 degrees), opposite North Node in Taurus (by its exact degree), opposite Sun in Taurus (by 3 degrees)

How will the eclipse play out?


Although the Full Moon in Scorpio signifies the ending of a yearly lunar cycle, with this being conjunct both the South Node & opposing the Taurus energy, you’re going to find yourselves being faced with past-life karma and an overwhelming need to leave the relationships that you are in all the way behind.

This will mean that a majority of relationships will come to an end, whether you want them to or not. Also, be very prepared for your sense of intimacy to be skewed during this time because this is something that you’re going to have to end up facing, especially if you have fears of intimacy itself!


With the Full Moon in Scorpio opposing North Node in Taurus, there is no better time than now for us to truly accept our calling and, for those who have always known what their purpose was, this will see you all being rewarded for staying true to the path you’ve been called on. For those of you who are unsure of what your purpose actually is, this will be the perfect opportunity for it to be shown to you.

If unsure of your life’s purpose or calling, I can help you know what it is by doing a natal chart reading for you. These can be purchased on my home page or found here.


Transit Moon in Scorpio:

When the Moon is in Scorpio, our emotions are much more intense. We feel everything with incredible passion and depth. This can lead to verve and spunk, or dark brooding and jealousy. No matter what, this isn’t a light-hearted Moon. Don’t leave things that require you to be fun and fancy free for these few days.

We only want what’s real, no matter what condition it may be in, and are extremely turned off to superficiality. Anything that requires you to be more investigative and do a lot of research can be done with zeal now. We all want to get way below the surface to what’s at the core.

Obsession is something to beware of though, and we can get lost in a momentary fixation. We’re more attuned to sexuality as well, and things may seem to be oozing with it all around us. Just make sure you’re not reckless about it.

You could also deal with “other people’s money” now – taxes, loans, credit, debts, joint finances, etc. Eliminating something from your life can come about with this Moon, and you may decide to make a small transformation of yourself. Good for: natal Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces Moons, those with natal Moon conjunct natal Pluto, or natal moon in the Eight House.

Transit Moon to Natal Sun:

With the conjunction, you feel more at one with yourself. You stress out about things less, feeling internal peace that you exude externally. Something could occur, usually within yourself, which brings on a change, however subtle, and you can feel more self-assured and get more notice.

This can be a good time to make a promise to yourself that you’ll stick with. With a sextile or trine, you work well with others, able to present the best you possible. Your actions and your feelings are in sync. Intuition is good, and you can make better decisions, having more clarity. Things can go better at home and at work. You can settle your mind easily and heal (so it’s good for doctor’s visits or therapy).

Expressing yourself comes without difficulty during this time. With a square or opposition, you may experience more conflict, especially in your relationships. Work and home don’t mesh well now. What you desire and what is actually essential likely won’t be the same things, which can lead to problems and cause you to feel disjointed.

You may react in an overly emotional way to situations. You can use the energy positively by trying to resolve issues. The opposition is generally harder than the square.


Whilst Gemini & Scorpio have no correlation to each other whatsoever, with Mercury being “domicile” within the sign it rules yet it being in retrograde, this only further fuels the past coming back around on top of the fact that this will be a time whether you either resolve past issues or burn the bridge and move on in peace. This will further intensify when Mercury Retrograde goes into Taurus and gives you the facts of the situation.

I’d like to add here also that for those of you with your North node in Taurus, you will not be able to negotiate this transit and calling. It is happening!

Lunar eclipse in Scorpio
Lunar eclipse
Full moon
Blood moon eclipse
Blood moon
Blood f

How the transits affect the houses:

It should be made aware that all fixed/earth/water signs that have degrees between 0-9, 10-19 & 20-29 of the Moon’s transit, will be heavily affected here.

1st house:

The first house is the house of Aries (ruled by and representing the first half of Mars), representing the themes of Self (your identity, personality, ego and approach to life).

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transit taking place in the first house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 7th house, this will have you needing to get rid of your selfish habits and get out of the habit of having to put yourself first so that you can truly become the spouse that you are meant to be.

Interestingly, this will have you needing to check yourself when it comes to how you view love and why you’re afraid of commitment in your current relationship, and this means that there will be a ton of themes concerning your sense of self that you will have to confess to before you can truly embrace the love that you deserve.

Love might seem like an uncomfortable word to someone who prefers to do their own thing, but don’t be afraid of the idea of committing! With this being FIXED energy, this will demand a sense of major purging to be done, and that cannot be avoided no matter how much you want to run. (Scorpio risings and Taurus descendants).

2nd house:

The second house is the house of Taurus (ruled by and representing the first half of Venus) representing the themes of money, income, individual finances and material possessions.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio being in the 2nd house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 8th house, this will find you needing to take care of your finances, because you’re no longer thinking about yourself anymore.

You’re going to find yourselves needing to give up your reckless ways of spending, and considering that the energies themselves end up opposing each other in a big way, this will have you going through what I would call an “energetical yet astrological reversal”, in the sense that the houses themselves have now been flipped in reverse. Whilst the house themselves are fixed in their approach, this will enable you to let go and shed old skin in order for something new to come in (Libra rising and Aries descendant).

3rd house:

The third house is the house of Gemini (ruled by and representing the first half of Mercury) representing communication, the mind/how you think, social activities and your respective relationships with your siblings.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio being in the 3rd house and the Taurus transits being in the 9th house, this is going to be a very dark time for you to be going through when it comes to how you handle your relationships with your social circle as well as your siblings, and one thing that I don’t recommend you doing is getting into major blows of confrontation with any of them (unless justified).

This will also call for you to look after your mental health, and this is where the opposite side comes in to help you. Call upon your teachers, gurus, philosophers to help guide you through this Eclipse, and whilst I am a believer of everything happening for a reason, there may be hidden gems in what you’re experiencing. (Virgo rising and Pisces descendant).

4th house:

The fourth house is the house of Cancer (ruled by the Moon – ironically) representing family, your home, roots/foundations and your relationship with your mother, or how we mother our own children.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transit taking place in the 4th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 10th house, this plays a major sense of irony considering that the Moon (which is the ruler of the 4th house) finds itself in darker and more broodier waters when dealing with the 4th house itself.

This is not one that will provide ANY sense of gentleness when it comes to how one feels about their ancestry, roots/traditions, sense of femininity as well as their relationship with motherhood (whether it be with their own mothers or how they feel about themselves being mothers).

Considering that Scorpio is the sign that is able to uncover the worst of secrets, this is where you will need to prepare yourselves for a lot of dark truths to come out about your family’s legacy and where you stand in it, our approach to motherhood ourselves and our feminine energies, but this isn’t to say that you’re set to follow in their footsteps or the footsteps that haven’t aligned with your personal values.

With the Taurus energy being in the 10th house, this will enable you to empower yourselves regarding your careers and your reputations being within the public eye, ensuring that you can turn your wounds into art and let the world witness a new you being born. This will be incredibly uneasy for you to deal with, but that’s why the rebirth and transformation aids you to emerge better and improved (Leo rising and Aquarius descendant).

5th house:

The fifth house is the house of Leo (ruled by the Sun) representing creativity, children, romance and fertility. With the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting in the 5th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 11th house, this will have you being at a battle between your own ego versus being able to find security and stability within your friendships.

The Full Moon transiting in the 5th house is going to see itself battling sensations of becoming hot/cold when it comes to how one may view romance or how they view the inner child, but it’s important that they do the shadow work when it comes to the inner child itself because this is going to be a time where nurturing and loving is going to be needed.

If any of you are dating during this time, you’re going to want to wait a while for the intensity of these energies to pass! With the opposite energies in the 11th house, this will teach you how to rely on the community around you without you going into the thinking that you have to battle the world on your own, and you’d be surprised by how many people end up coming to your aid when you just ask for the help. (Cancer rising and Capricorn descendant).

6th house:

The sixth house is the house of Virgo (ruled by and representing the second half of Mercury) representing health/fitness as well as work which in this case translates to “acts of service”.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting in the 6th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 12th house, this will impact your health in every sense of the word (physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual) and this will see you being able to achieve the healing that you need, but not without taking a really deep look at what you know isn’t working.

With the Full Moon being placed in the 6th house, this is going to see a lot of unsettling discoveries being made about your health, meaning that there will be a lot of information in which you uncover that will forever change the way you see yourself.

Another thing to also add, is to absolutely be extremely careful of burn out and if you’re overworking yourself to the point of stress, then your body is going to have a good way of letting you know that you need to STOP.

With that being said, the Taurus transits taking place in the 12th house will have you coming to the realisation that there is a bigger picture and that your purpose is greater than you think it is, there will be an overwhelming need to connect to the spiritual realm and build a stronger trust in your intuition.

The 12th house deals with everything that is hidden, meaning that all will be revealed to you when you least expect it, but your psychic abilities will heighten and sharpen massively during this time (Gemini rising and Sagittarius descendant).

7th house:

The seventh house is the house of Libra (ruled by and representing the second half of Venus) representing relationships (romantic and business), partnerships, marriage, legal matters and open enemies waiting to be exposed.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting in the 7th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 1st house; this will see a ton of relationships/marriages coming to an end on top of the manifestation of enemies now being made known within your presence.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (not really) but the very relationships you hold near and dear to you will see themselves ending abruptly, and whether this be for the greater good of all will be something in which only you can both decipher and interpret. Endings can be complete endings, or ending of patterns that no longer serve your purpose and destiny.

However, with the Taurus transits taking place in the 1st house, this will give you a better understanding of who you are and what you want and you’ll thank the heavens that your relationships or toxic patterns have ended because you will gain a better understanding of who you are and what your worth is, without ever needing to conform to anybody else’s expectations.

I know that many of my readers will fear being single, but it will be the very thing that will bring you back to yourself and allow you to unapologetically express who you are. Finding security and stability within yourself is what you need right now and is what this transit and eclipse brings, instead of giving your power away, take it back and give it to yourself! (Taurus rising and Scorpio descendant).

8th house:

The eighth house is the house of Scorpio (ruled by and representing the second half of Mars with Pluto as its secondary ruler) represents sex, intimacy, shared finances (loans, taxes, investments, partner’s finances), death/rebirth/transformations and the occult.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting in the 8th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 2nd house, this will have you needing to let go of your dependence on other people to become financially stable.

I know that things are pretty hard and I’m not one to judge people’s circumstances, but this is one that will quite literally put an end to things that would’ve had you feeling financially dependent on the hands of others to keep you afloat.

However, the Taurus transits taking place in the 2nd house will give you all of the power that you need to make it on your own and become financially literate on your own and you will be pushed into a reality where you will be able to support yourselves without the heavy burden of needing to rely on somebody else. (Aries DESCENDANT)

9th house:

The ninth house is the house of Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) representing travel, higher learning, philosophies and spiritual beliefs.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting in the 9th house and the Scorpio transits taking place in the 9th house, you’re going to realise that whilst you think that you’re a jack of all trades; you’re a master of none.

It’s time for you to realise that the “truth” in which you hold sacred, isn’t that at all and this is going to force you to understand that the world is bigger than you think it would be! (I told you in the beginning this was huge). This means that the very beliefs you hold close to you will end up being what humbles you.

With the Taurus transits taking place in the 3rd house, this will have you feeling connected to your social activities and you’ll build a stronger relationship with your siblings if you have any. You’ll be able to use your sense of security and stability in the right way, especially if being channelled towards things that will give you and people around you great joy. (Pisces rising and Virgo descendant).

10th house:

The tenth house is the house of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) representing your career, public image, the figures in your life that are of authority, masculinity and your relationships with your father.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio taking place in the 10th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 4th house, this will make you realise what’s really important and this will have you wanting to mend bridges with your family as opposed to holding onto selfish grudges.

It’s not wrong to want a career, but is it worth you being disconnected from the very thing that would be considered important? The accolades, the notoriety, the fame is great to be enjoyed and experienced, but what’s all that if you don’t have a good family backing behind you?

This is where the Taurus transits come in, because this will have you truly thinking about what truly matters and what you can do to preserve the legacy of your family. I’m not saying that everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies, but it will have you really feeling connected to what is important, so don’t be afraid. (Aquarius rising and Leo descendant).

11th house:

The eleventh house is the house of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus, formerly ruled by Saturn), representing friendships, humanitarianism, technology, the Internet and hopes/wishes for the future.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio taking place in the 11th house and the Taurus transits taking place in the 5th house, this will be a very lonely period in which you will be experiencing, but it will a significant time of clarity once you know what everybody’s intentions are.

This is a time that you will realise that not everyone is your friend or what they seem to be and you need to realise that. With that being said, unexpected betrayals from your community are going to be coming to light on top of the fact that you’re going to ultimately know the truth about the company you keep around you.

With the Taurus transits taking place in the 5th house, this will have you feeling extremely connected to your creativity and intuition, and your desire to explore this further.

If you’re a creative soul that has been wanting to break out and show the world who you are away from your “friendships/relationships”, then this will end up being your biggest superpower! (Capricorn rising and Cancer descendant).

12th house:

The twelfth house is the house of Pisces (ruled by Neptune) representing karma, old age, healing, spiritual gifts being unlocked, the subconscious, the afterlife, cycles coming into completion and endings, on top of being responsible for the breaking of generational cycles.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio taking place in the 12th house and the Taurus transits taking placements in the 6th house; this will have you being within a 48 hour period of hibernation and due to this house also being known as the “house of the unknown”, this means that there will be a lot of repressed memories coming out to light!

If this occurs, you may need the help of counselling/therapy to help heal yourselves if you are struggling to do this alone. Through the healing you will find that to be able to be of service to others and be a guiding light for those who will be need of your voice, that before you can save others, you will need to save yourself. (Sagitatius descendant).

The signs/placements that will be hit the hardest from the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio are: SCORPIO/TAURUS, LEO/AQUARIUS & ARIES.

The signs/placements that will be favoured from the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio are: VIRGO, CAPRICORN, CANCER & PISCES.

This is an incredibly difficult time for humanity as a whole and whilst it may be difficult for a lot of us (myself included), I encourage you to release everything that needs purging, be gentle with yourselves (and with others) and surrender to what will be.

All my love to you,

Astrology, Akashic & Tarot 🤍

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