Psychic and Astrology Readings: Creating the life you want!

Astrology readings, Akashic Records readings, Starseed readings & Tarot readings for the past, present and future are my biggest passion in life!

The drive I have to help others in their spiritual growth is deeply and divinely inspired.

My services and my blog on astrology and spiritual growth has been awarded 6th place in the top 10 astrology blogs in 2021!

This is such a profound achievement to the commitment and dedication I have in helping others in raising their consciousness and awareness on their spiritual growth journey.

Best of all, these readings can be a significant tool in helping others to reach their life purpose and navigate tumultuous times.

Astrology readings in particular are my absolute favourite as astrology has this way of unlocking all the hidden stuff we carry around daily.

For instance, getting to the core of our issues and shining a light in the hidden crevasses of our soul is what to expect in an astrology reading!

Furthermore, I find my work to be deeply rewarding in my own life too.

My story and how I came to do astrology and other readings for people…

Although I was quite young, from a young age I embarked on a quest to find my authentic and higher self.

In addition, on my journey to self discovery I found my true and inner calling through my connection to Jesus, Ascended Master and my personal spirit guide.

To help others find their shadow and helping them to live more purposefully and in alignment to our natural spiritual nature, is the most loving gift to humanity that I can give.

Tarot readings
Starseed readings
Spiritual growth
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“Not all those who wander are lost”.

J. R. R. Tolkien.

What you will learn in astrology and other readings…

Reading astrology for instance, provides a deeper understanding of our soul path and the planetary influences which affect our lives as well as our relationships.

By knowing how the planets influence us in every aspect of life gives us an advantage to know how to navigate the difficult times and how to attract more abundance.

In a tarot and akashic records readings, I will encourage my clients to ask the deepest questions that occupy their heart and soul.

By using my own guides and connecting with yours, I can relay the messages needed to help you find the answers you seek.

My spiritual gifts and what they bring to astrology and other readings…

My gifts are unique and inspired by the power of spirit. I consult with my clients using a range of methods and spiritual gifts which are interchangeable. They are:

Clairvoyance (seeing),

Clairsentience (feeling),

Claircognisance (knowing),

Clairaudience (hearing),

Precognition (future events) and 

Psychography (channelled writing).

Additionally, I utilise all of these gifts in my astrology readings as well as the other services that I provide.

We can work together and to clarify, you will be given opportunity to ask further questions to help you understand you more deeply.

For example, with my astrology readings, extra support will be given across the entire process from the beginning to finish. In other words, you will be fully supported.

Readings have helped all my clients…

While I have received encouraging feedback in regards to my readings and mentorship program, my clients also confirm that they have found it to be both a healing, and therapeutic experience.

A mentorship program is a program designed to guide and assist you though an experience or a journey.

To understand more in depth what a mentorship program entails please feel free to reach out to me.

Likewise, feedback can be found in the testimonials tab menu.

This is where you will find testimonies that these readings have helped others to understand themselves better and their life purpose.

Another point that is worthy of mention is clients working with my method of readings have been deeply moved by the accuracy and detail.

As a result of their testimony, I have been awarded a place in the top 10 astrologers in Australia!

Astrology readings
akashic records
Spiritual growth
Planetary influences
Past lives

Readings can be booked online…

Additionally, if you would like to book a reading with me to help you on your soul journey, please go to my psychic & astrology readings page to view the different readings that I offer.

Furthermore, if you would like to make contact and ask any questions prior to booking, please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have.

To summerise, whether it be in relationships, spiritual growth, past lives or planetary influences, my readings can help to shape the life that you truly want!

With that said, I look forward to offering my services and helping you align your soul to life purpose!

The stars tell a story of our souls journey throughout time”.

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