Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Scorpio lunar eclipse will bring a shake and break to all things that no longer serve us. This includes habits, ways of thinking, relationships and outdated modalities that prevent us from listening to our call. This lunar eclipse will bring with it profound healing and purging that is not for the faint of heart!

Breaking Soul Contracts

I have been off the blogs for some time, but in light of recent world events and the current unfolding of a mass awakening, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss breaking soul contracts, ancestral agreements, energetic blocks and Karma. The oppression that we are all facing has been debilitating for most. What a …


Karma… We all think about it and refer to karma as some punishment that we will get for being “good” or “bad. This is in part because of the social conditioning we have endured throughout our life with social norms and expectations. We associate bad things happening to bad people but in essence, sometimes, “good” …

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