Juno Conjunct Moon in Synastry

The Juno Conjunct Moon aspect in a synastry reading is a good indication for a soulmate relationship. Juno and Moon person compliment and commit to emotional stability and loyalty to one another.


What does ascension mean to you? The google definition of ascension is; the action of rising to an important position or a higher level and, the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection. Ascension in the spiritual context can be referred to as a spiritual awakening, and is a concurrent …

Wounded Inner Child

Covid-19 has forced us to face some things about ourselves, and while we struggle with restrictions and change, some of us are struggling with the fact that during these times, are are forced to face some parts of ourselves that have been abandoned. Our inner child. When children are emotionally and mentally injured, neglected, or …

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