Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Scorpio lunar eclipse will bring a shake and break to all things that no longer serve us. This includes habits, ways of thinking, relationships and outdated modalities that prevent us from listening to our call. This lunar eclipse will bring with it profound healing and purging that is not for the faint of heart!

Juno Conjunct Moon in Synastry

The Juno Conjunct Moon aspect in a synastry reading is a good indication for a soulmate relationship. Juno and Moon person compliment and commit to emotional stability and loyalty to one another.


That dreaded word… What does being vulnerable mean to you? Is it something that just happens naturally, or something that you consciously avoid? “The quality of being vulnerable, easily hurt, influenced or attacked”.Cambridge Dictionary. There is a hell of a lot of emphasis for humans to be “vulnerable” with one another, but as I ponder …

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