Christianity: Is it another fanatical religion?

Christianity, is it at the forefront of human divide?

Christianity, for instance is supposed to be the righteousness of Jesus, right? The light to the world! A lamp to thy feet!

How many people are condemned over their non Christianity beliefs by Christians themselves? I, for one have been.

How many people are standing in glass houses while throwing stones at others who are also “made in Jesus’ image”?

Christianity has become so far and further away from what Jesus taught in His ministry.

Who is Jesus and did He belong to christianity?

Jesus was a human in the highest level of enlightenment. He was God-consciousness in human form. Jesus intended to save the world by leading as an example of what God-consciousness truly is.

Jesus was a man so strong in His faith in God as creator and in His belief that we are all the same and have the same power and authority as He did.

In fact, the very essence of Jesus saying that the kingdom of God is not a location, but rather, that it is indeed within you. Luke 17:21 exemplifies that God is within all of us regardless of our beliefs.

What Jesus is saying is that people of all beliefs and cultures can access God within, despite the criticisms of Christianity.

Another example can be found in Corinthians 3:16 which states:

Don’t you know that you yourself are Gods temple, and that gods spirit dwells within you?

Jesus was crucified for condemning the church, for correcting the Pharisees and the religious anarchists that kept people captive and in bondage to the institutionalisation of the church.

Unfortunately, our fellow men (and women) came along and reinvented yet another religion which further placed the heavy burdens of religion after His death, and called it “Christianity”.

Why did they crucify Him?

Manipulation, control, oppression, prejudice, condemnation and to keep us divided!

But if we are made in His image, then we should all be one, right? One body, one flesh with all of its members…

Let me say this loud and clear; Christianity is not a free ticket to heaven!

Christianity is not a free pass to commit the sins you commit daily!

Christianity is not a a reason to hurt people in the name of your religion!

And it most certainly is exactly what the church teaches in its sermons. its divide and conquer, its where someone stands on the pulpit and preaches about how they are without blemish, all the while crucifying those that Jesus died for.

Christianity is not a free ride through life thinking that if you believe in Jesus alone, that your beliefs are the only true beliefs!

Jesus Himself stood up in authority against the church, defying the legitimacy and the authority of the it and the religious systems that have caused widespread oppression.

Jesus was never crucified for His beliefs, He was crucified for standing against theirs and teaching mankind how to stand against them.

2 Timothy 3:5 speaks of one particular issue which is why Christians can practice the Christian faith without tapping into the spiritual power of God-consciousness.

When Christians become organised followers and unbelievers of the power and influence of God, its infects many people in many different walks and faiths. Christianity becomes a humanistic pursuit which is solely reliant on human effort!

He gave freedom back to the people

Jesus was human, just like me, just like you and just like Lucy next door. He got angry, he overturned tables, he stood in His own authority of being made in the image of our Creator and possessing all the power, spiritual gifts and abilities as God himself!

And, He also taught us that we all have those same gifts! Not based on our beliefs, based on us all having a unique and individual purpose in our time here on earth which is divinely orchestrated by God.

The ascended Jesus preached a message of pure love for everyone! As did the Buddha. So, whether you call it prayer or meditation, if you’re doing it with love, then you’re doing it right.

Now let’s be clear, Christianity has taught us to fear meditation and states it’s an occult practice. Yet, Jesus Himself taught us to meditate “day and night”, He often went in solitude and spent days meditating.

Take a look at the book of Matthew, chapter 6 verses 5-7. The Bible shows us to not be like the religious fanatics standing in their churches in front of men, but rather, to go in secret and meditate.

Jesus was a creator and He was a destroyer of religions just like christianity!

He was a creator of truth and a destroyer of lies.

He did not do what He did to gain followers, He did what he did and laid His life down to give us freedom from the confines and restraints of religion.

Jesus is not christianity! Christianity in that of itself is man made and is victim to it’s own undoing.

To put it simply, it is merely just another fanatical, tyrant belief system that twists and turns the truth and very nature of the spirituality that Jesus represents.

Christianity has done more damage to the ideals and foundations of our spiritual nature more than any other religion.

Jesus did not come to start another religion of institutional Christians or religious fanatics.

Furthermore, if Jesus were to appear again, Christianity and its followers would be the first to feel His wrath and He would be a threat to the “institution” of its church founders which were established in His name!

I consider the life, example, teachings and incredible wisdom of Jesus to be relevant to all religions, all with different wording and terminology, regardless of an individuals religious or spiritual beliefs.

Christianity and its followers do not hold any claim to Jesus

What they hold is an affiliation to an institutionalized group of people who criticize, divide, esteem themselves more righteous than others and point their fingers at everyone else, (including others within the church) when their own hands aren’t clean.

Christianity says there is no reincarnation

Have you ever questioned about the legitimacy of reincarnation? Better yet, have you ever asked a Christian? If you have, you will know where this is going.

The church will argue that reincarnation does not exist, there is one life, one death and one judgement.

However, there are many scriptures that confirm that reincarnation is in fact so.


The book of Job speaks of reincarnation quite a lot, and if you really want to delve deeper into the subject, take a look at the deleted books of the bible such as Enoch.

Additionally, Jesus Himself was the Elisha reincarnated. To help you on your journey into discovering these hidden truths, I have included a link here.

Just because you are a Christian does not give you the right to divide and persecute other human beings in His or any name. This is religious abuse.

Also, just because they claim to know Him through their title of being a Christian, does not mean that they understand or know Him either. In fact, it’s more likely to be the very reason that they don’t know Him at all.

“The ego seeks to divide and separate, the spirit seeks to unify and to heal”.

Author Unknown.

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