The Great Awakening

The great awakening is a topic that many spiritual people have been prophesying for decades. The theory in which there will be a mass, global, spiritual awakening and will be something spectacularly shared on planet earth like never before!

I never dreamed of being a part of this revolution but I can see why I chose to come here! I now find myself as a 30 something year old woman in the midst of a once in a lifetime opportunity in witnessing the restoration of the natural and the divine order!

As this awakening has occurred, many have found that their level of consciousness has expanded beyond anything ever imagined, we have begun to align with others who are on similar journeys, we see through deception and manipulation more easily and we see people and the world through spiritual eyes.

Great awakening 
Covid 19
SARS cov 2

With this transformation and awakening of the collective, we are also faced with some earthly challenges that may seem difficult to navigate. This includes (but not limited to) changes or endings to our existing relationships and the formation of new ones, people trying to suppress you, and last but not least, a distrust for our world leaders and the people in places of power.

On a more spiritual level, what has been happening over the past 18 months has not been what some people consider to be normal. We’ve seen with our own very eyes the oppression and lies being told to fit in with a new narrative. A narrative that keeps us divided by money, status or beliefs and values.

Covid has been a mass deception from the beginning, and more and more people are starting to see that. The segregation that has been forced upon us is just a smokescreen to keep humanity divided. Divide and conquer has been the common theme and strategy in wars since time began.

When humanity is divided, the weak fight the war for them, turning people against each other, spreading hate and false testimony against others who are fighting for what is right. This is the way it is supposed to be. Think of it as a separation of the goats and the sheep…

This is spiritual warfare. This is a fight of good vs evil. This is about right and wrong. This is a battle for your soul! We are entering the new earth!

This transition from the old earth to the new earth will be one that many will struggle with. If your spiritual frequency is not in harmony or alignment with the shift, you will find it to be unbearable.

On an emotional level, those who are not in harmony will be incapable of sharing the internal love that the soul is encompassed in, physically they’ll be tired and depleted, mentally they will be unfocused and blinded by lies and spiritually they will be defeated.

This is a normal process of the awakening which must occur. We will be led spiritually to shed all of the dross from our environment and turn inward, even if we don’t recognise this unfolding in the beginning.

You will have people on lower vibrational frequencies trying to inhibit your growth, and you will face the depths of your despair only to come out the end of it all and dig that little bit deeper to find the little spark within that will light your soul on fire again!

Rising above the ashes, we are reborn, we are transformed, we are renewed and we are fearless!!

When we reach this place and our energetic frequencies come in harmony, we are awarded with clarity, with peace, with strength and vitality! We are filled with love, compassion, humility and passion to enhance our vibrations even higher.

We are engaged and ready to share our truth, use our voice, lead others who have gone astray and be a light in the darkness for those who can not see. Life is a school and if you don’t learn the lessons set before you, you’ll have to repeat them over again.

United we stand – or divided we fall and we need to ask ourselves, which side of history do we want to be on?

Shift your perspective, cancel your fears and instead adopt faith. Understand and believe that you have been chosen to experience the greatest shift in the history of this world. Stand firm in your beliefs that you are worthy of taking part in this experience.

Face your demons, innerstand your thoughts and your feelings, be a lamp on a hill for all to see and let your soul illuminate to the highest dimensions – reaching to the highest heavens because ultimately, the purest form of love is what the lesson is.


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