Feminine Energy

The past couple of days I have been exploring the divine feminine energy and how this manifests in women of today. As with the universal laws of polarity, the feminine also has a darker side too.

Many men fear the dark feminine and perceive this aspect of a woman as a negative quality.

But I say this to all my girls…

A man who fears or is intimidated by the dark feminine is an insecure, weakened and incapable man of truly appreciating a woman in ALL of her essence – because you can’t have one without the other!

The Dark Feminine is the very expression of the wrathful, overwhelming energy that captures the mysteries of womanhood and all of its magic.

It is the suppression of all her beautiful complexities, qualities and strengths that will arouse the darkness within.

The true feminine energy is the chaos of all creation!

It’s death and rebirth, destruction and transformation, the calm before the storm, her fierce compassion and power of seduction, and acceptance of the intoxicating truth that we hold deep within our being.

A man that is threatened by a woman who embodies her expression of femininity will try to change and dumb down, criticise and disempower, and use manipulation and control to keep her within the confines of his comfort zone.

But men, you would be wise to know that a woman will surrender to the man who is strong enough to hold ALL of her.

Her light, her darkness, her wild, her free, her fire and her passion.

You would be wise to know that when a woman fully surrenders, she reaches a state of tranquility in her soul and will ooze out unconditional love and gratitude to the man who keeps her safe and allows her free expression without suppression.

A woman who walks the path of her true femininity is wild, carefree, sensual, playful, joyful, passionate, emotional, innocent, vulnerable, intuitive, unpredictable, soft, sensitive, seductive, loving, mysterious and powerful all in one.

Feminine energy

She should be honoured and respected by her man for the beautiful chaos that she encapsulates – as she brings the divine into the lives of those that she entrusts.

But most of all, you would be wise to know that the moment a man tries to erase or tame any part of her true and divine nature, he loses her trust and he loses his ability to offer her the safety to truly surrender.

He also awakens the dark side to her femininity and will capture her in a vengeful wrath.

Not because she is spiteful, not because she is seeking a victory over you. No. It is because she strives to be an equal. To be loved and protected. To be respected and honoured. It’s because she needs you to support her and accept her for all that she is.

Key take aways:

The safer a woman feels with her man, the deeper she surrenders…

The deeper she surrenders to her man, the higher she rises in love….

The higher she rises in love, the higher her sex drive and her yearning to be one with you…

The protection a man provides a woman allows her to drop all of her defences and opens her heart and mind without concern for her safety.

When she releases the need to shield her heart and her soul, she reaches extraordinary levels of consciousness and desire to give even more of herself…


If you can honour a woman in all of her divine and feminine expression (including her exquisite darkness), then you can honour your own shadows and transform your insecurities and short-comings into strengths!

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